They aren’t all silly, but some definitely have that slant…

We all wanted to break free during lockdown.

If you lock twenty-five very silly people up in their homes for a few weeks, then it should come as no surprise that you are going to get a silly video…

And then the news we had been waiting for.

We released this video about 6 hours after the PM’s announcement that hospitality could open. The music capture the mood perfectly!

Elf on the shelf?
No thank you.

An elf on the shelf was not we had planned for Christmas but we found out all of the trouble they cause during December

This is how we decorate The Grange for Christmas.

Ever wondered how we decorate a hotel? Around three days, Lots of bodies, lots of decorations, patience and a little help from Bing Crosby.

A strange world. We became a convalescent home.

For six short weeks, we converted to a convalescent home, set up to take non-covid patients from Dorset’s hospitals. A little about it.

Seven weeks of concerts, in the garden at The Grange.

Hospitality was hit hard, but musicians even more so, prevented from working for so long. We were delighted to offer up the space for this wonderful initiative…

Our thank you,

We wanted to say thank you to everyone for supporting us over the past two years and we borrowed something from Bob Dylan, or maybe Love Actually.

O Holy Night
at The Grange.

A short excerpt from the concert-dinner held at the Grange. Cheryl Enever and Jon Valender, accompanied by Anthony Ingle. Just beautiful.

And then we were entertaining patients (or at least JP was).

On VE day, our very own Jon Valender thought that everyone needed a little cheering up and so he took to the garden and sang.

A beautiful wedding day in Dorset for a beautiful couple…

Noemie and Sophie had the perfect wedding day here in Oborne. An outdoor ceremony, a delicious meal and an evening dancing with family and friends.

Welcome to Bugingham Palace your highness…

A new ‘Wing’ at the hotel. Mr and Mrs Busby were so pleased to be the first to check in. Our thanks to Alice Mary Art for the decor.

An overhead look at
The Grange.

Drone footage seems to be all the rage over the past few years, and we had a very talented photographer with us who sent his drone up to capture the Grange from the air.