Access Statement

Please find below a description of the hotel, its facilities, layout and access for guests with special requirements.  Whilst every effort has been made to include all of the information that might be of use to anyone using the hotel, there may be some information that has been missed; please do not hesitate to contact the hotel with any questions you may have or if you have any suggestions for further information which could be added to this access statement.

Hotel Overview

The hotel is situated on a country lane on the edge of a small village.  With the exception of some holiday lets, there are no shops or businesses in the village.  The nearest shops are situated in Sherborne, 2 km away.

The Grange at Oborne is a small family-run hotel, with eighteen bedrooms, a restaurant and two function rooms.  Service is restricted from 7.00 or 8.00 am until approximately midnight, however a member of staff is always on the premises and always contactable.

The reception, restaurant, function rooms, and two hotel bedrooms are all on the ground floor.  The remainder of the rooms are accessed via the main staircase.  As the hotel is situated on a slight rise, some of these other rooms do have french windows and direct garden access, however we do not classify them as ground floor rooms, as guests staying in these rooms must use the staircase to reach the public areas.  Please find below a sketch showing this:

Fire Evacuation

The hotel’s fire evacuation policy includes making a check on the occupants of every bedroom.  Each guest is instructed to leave the building and asked if they require any help leaving the hotel.  In addition, there are signs which can be hung on the outside of the bedroom door requesting assistance in case of emergency.  These signs will alert staff to the guests requirement to be helped form the hotel.  When we are made aware of a guest with a disability which might impair their ability to leave the hotel quickly, they are given priority by staff in the evacuation plan.

Car Parking

  • There is an in-and-out drive at the front of the hotel.  This area is for unloading and loading of bags. 
  • At the side of the in-and-out drive there are two disabled parking spaces which are 14 metres from the hotel’s main entrance.  There is a concrete path from the hotel’s main entrance to the disabled parking spaces.
  • The hotel and main car park are on the same land, however there isn’t a path between the car park and the main entrance, it is accessed via the lane, a distance of 36 metres. Once guests have checked in, they are given a key to a door next to the car park which gives them access to the hotel bedrooms.
  • All of the car park areas are graveled.

The Entrance to the Hotel

  • There is a conservatory running along the front of the hotel next to the set down area, this is the main entrance to the hotel. 
  • The entrance has double doors with each leaf 790 mm wide, although one door is usually locked. 
  • The conservatory front has flag stone flooring.
  • From the conservatory there is access to all public areas and to the hotel bedrooms.

The Reception

  • From the conservatory front, access to the reception is through a single leaf doorway at 880 mm wide and one archway at 890 mm wide.  At this door there is a piece of wood running along the floor which is 30 mm high and 100 mm wide.
  • There is a reception desk which is 770 mm high with clear under space of 600 mm.  There are two chairs with arms for guests to use at the reception desk.
  • The reception is lit by recessed ceiling spot lights and two picture lights on the walls.  There is also a lamp on the reception desk.
  • The reception area is carpeted.

The Restaurant

  • Access is through a corridor next to the reception, the door to the restaurant is 710 mm wide.  Alternative access is available through double doorways each 710 mm wide.
  • The lounge and restaurant are together open-plan areas.
  • Has large windows overlooking the floodlit gardens.
  • Lighting is mainly from wall lights, but also from table lamps.  Candles are used in the evenings.
  • The restaurant is carpeted.
  • There is a selection of different shapes and styles of tables available.  All restaurant tables are 750 mm tall, with approximately 650 mm clearance under.  Blocks are available to raise the height of a table by 100 mm if required.  It is advisable to talk to hotel staff at the time of booking if you have any specific requirements.
  • Chairs have padded seats and wooden backs, chairs with arms are available.
  • Large print menus are available.

Lounge Area

  • Within the lounge there are a mixture of tub chairs and sofas.
  • Lighting is mainly from wall lights, but also from table lamps and some ceiling spot lights.
  • The room is carpeted.

The Regent Room

  • Access to The Regent Room is through two sets of double doors., one set from the restaurant and lounge which are  630 mm wide and one set from a foyer which are  710 mm wide.  This is the main function room of the hotel; it is also normally used to serve breakfast.  It is a large cream coloured room and, with the exception of a small dance floor, is carpeted.
  • Chairs have padded seats and backs, chairs with arms are available.
  • Lighting is from wall lights and recessed ceiling spot lights.  The room also has a star light ceiling.
  • The room has large windows along one side.

The Wessex Room

  • Usually set up as a guest lounge, it can also be used as a private dining room and meeting room.
  • The room has double doors, each measuring 720 mm.
  • It is a carpeted room.
  • Has recessed ceiling spot lights, central chandelier style light and wall lights.
  • The room is wood paneled.
  • As a lounge has a combination of low seating (sofas) and higher seating (tub chairs).
  • As a meeting room or dining room has the same furniture as The Regent Room.


  • The Garden is mainly turfed with a shrub border. 
  • Approximately half of the garden is on a slope.
  • Access to the garden is either via steps from The Regent Room or from the lounge.  There is a portable ramp which can be set up from the lounge area to the garden.  This ramp drops 270 mm over a distance of 1500 mm.  It lies at 10 degrees.
  • There are two ponds in the garden.
  • There are several areas of garden seating made up of benches and wooden chairs.
  • One seating area of the garden is paved, with gravel filled joints.
  • There are several areas of the garden which give good shade.

The Main Staircase

  • The main staircase is 1150 mm wide.  There are 16 steps in total.  After 8 steps the staircase takes a 90 degree turn to the right. 
  • There is a rail on the both sides of the staircase.
  • Each riser is 190 mm, each tread is 250 mm.

Other Stairs

  • There are three other staircases in the hotel, some have rails on both sides, some on only one side, please ask when you book if your room is accessed by one of these staircases and we will be able to give further information.
  • There are two corridors that have steps.  One of these has three steps with a rail on both sides.  The other has one step going down, a flat walk of about 2 metres, and then another step going up.  There are no handrails.
  • Two hotel bedrooms have steps.  Room 5 has two steps between the en-suite bathroom and the main bedroom.  Room 2 has a step between the seating area and the sleeping area of the bedroom.

The Bedrooms

  • Doors to all rooms are 800 mm wide.
  • All rooms have at least one easy chair or sofa.  All easy chairs have arms.
  • All rooms are carpeted.
  • Different rooms have different lighting this includes recessed spotlights, central ceiling lights, table lamps and wall lights.  All rooms have bedside lights at each side and a table lamp at the dressing table.
  • A portable fire alarm is available that consists of a vibrating pad which is slipped under the pillow a and strobe light which are triggered the hotel fire alarm is activated.
  • All room have notices which can be hung on the outside of the bedroom door that ask for assistance in case of fire or emergency.  Staff are trained to look for these signs when evacuating the hotel.
  • Additional keys are available when there is more than one guest in the room.
  • We regret that, as neither digital or terrestrial television are available in the area, our television system does not have a text facility.

En-suite bathrooms

  • All bathrooms have shower overhead.  All have grab rails to assist in entering and exiting bath.  Rails are situated at the shower end of the bath so can be used whilst showering.  Non slip bath mats are provided in each room with a bath, extra are available on request.
  • All have tiled floors.
  • All have either a mirror light or a shaver light above the mirror.
  • Have 800 mm wide doors from the bedrooms.

En-suite shower rooms

  • Shower rooms are either conventional cubicles or level-access wet rooms.
  • Most rooms are tiled; a few are carpeted.
  • Have 800 mm wide doors from the bedrooms


  • There are separate facilities for ladies and gentlemen. 
  • The gentleman’s toilet has urinals and cubicles.
  • The ladies toilet has four cubicles.
  • Wash hand basins are in the main part of the room.  There are hand towels and a hand dryer in both toilets.
  • The toilet is lit with a combination of wall lights and recessed spot lights.
  • The room has tiled floor and walls to 1600 mm. 

Disabled access toilet.  Please see ‘Disabled Access WC Plan’ below.

  • There is also a unisex disabled access toilet.  This is set up as per the plan below. 
  • The door is 900 mm wide.
  • The tiling, sanitary ware and fittings are all contrasting in colour.
  • There are two recessed spotlight in the ceiling and one wall light above the mirror.
  • There is a hand drier and towel for hand drying.
  • The room has tiled floor and walls to 1300 mm. 
  • The room has an emergency pull cord alarm.

Disabled Access Bedroom. 

  • Please see ‘Room 1 Plan’ and ‘Room 1 Shower Room Plan’ below.


  • The disabled access room is located on the ground floor and is accessed through the conservatory frontage.
  • This room is 5.5 metres from a ground floor fire exit and disabled access path leading to the road.
  • The bedroom door is 770 mm wide.
  • The bedroom is carpeted.
  • The walls are painted cream.
  • All power points and light switches are at a level of 1200 mm.
  • All lighting including table lamps are controllable from the door and bed.
  • The bedside lights are switched on and off by touching any part of the base.
  • The room has two different clothing rails in the wardrobe, one at 1800 mm, and one which is height adjustable from floor level up.
  • The bed is 560 mm to the top surface with 40 mm space under the bed.
  • The hotel keeps elephant feet which allow the bed to be raised by approximately 6 inches.
  • There is unobstructed floor space to all furniture of at least 900 mm.
  • The bed has no foot board allowing transfer from all around the bed of at least 1000 mm.
  • The depth of the bedside cabinets is 300 mm allowing for side transfers.
  • Dressing table has clear under space of 650 mm.
  • The telephone in the room is of the large touch type with flashing light, hands free option, and volume control.  It also conforms to British Telecom standard for use by persons with disabilities.
  • The bedroom door is fitted with door furniture, including closer, which conforms to BS8300.  The door handle is of the lever kind and of a contrasting colour to the door.
  • Walls, carpet, furniture and fittings are all contrasting in colour.
  • High gloss finishes have not been used on doors.
  • Extra lighting is available in reading areas, e.g. bed area and dressing table.
  • The total light wattage from the existing lighting in the bedroom is 265 w, although this can be increased to 400 w on request.

En-Suite Shower Room


  • The door has a clear opening of 790  mm
  • The en-suite shower room is level-access from the bedroom. 
  • The room has a tiled wet-room floor and therefore has level access to the shower.
  • The room is tiled on the floor and on the walls.  The floor is a non-slip wet room floor.
  • There is a turning circle of 1500 mm directly inside the bathroom door.
  • A disabled alarm pull cord is accessible from all parts of the bathroom.
  • All hot pipes are concealed against the possibility of burning.
  • There is a grab rail on the inside of the bathroom door to aid closing.
  • The floor, walls, sanitary ware and fixings are all contrasting in colour.
  • High gloss finishes have not been used on doors.
  • Towels contrast with towel rail and bathroom walls.
  • Lighting is from two recessed spot lights and two mirror lights which together achieve 150 w.


  • A grab rail can be fitted to either side of the toilet.  These rails are height adjustable and can be raised into the horizontal position or removed completely.
  • The toilet seat height is 500 mm from floor level.
  • The flush plate is accessible from the transfer side of the toilet.
  • The toilet tissue dispenser is of the type which allows dispensing with one hand.
  • Shower
  • Positioned next to the shower, there is one horizontal grab rail which is 600 mm long and at a height of 800 mm and one vertical grab rail which is 800 mm long and starts at 1000 mm.
  • An additional horizontal grab rail can be added to the other side of the showering area.  This second grab rail is height adjustable and can be folded up into the horizontal position or removed completely.
  • A shower seat measuring 400 mm  by 400 mm with wheels is provided allowing transfer either within the bedroom or bathroom.  The seat of the chair is 480 mm high.  The chair has arm rests and back.
  • The thermostatic shower valve, shower head and holder are manufactured by Pressalit of Denmark and are designed specifically for use by disabled persons.


  • The top surface of the wash basin is 860 mm high.  As the basin is wall hung, there is a clear under space below of 700 mm.
  • Taps and shower valves have embossed mark to distinguish between hot and cold water.
  • Lever taps are fitted to the wash basin.

Disabled Access WC Plan

Room 1 Plan

Room 1 En-Suite Plan