Free Wi-Fi, YAY!

Most hotel Wi-Fi landing pages are full of pictures of delicious looking food and tempting drinks all designed to make you spend more money. But we aren’t most hotels.

We do have a fantastic restaurant, loads of unusual, local drinks and some of the friendliest staff you can wish to meet. If you would like to join us, that’s great, let us know and we look forward to serving you.

So instead of the usual sales pitch, we thought we might tell you a story, and maybe we might even make you smile…

March 2020, Oborne, Dorset…

It has been a very strange time in our little part of Dorset. Firstly, after being given the news that hotels and restaurants had to close, we had to shut down the hotel, something we have never had to do before. It was a very emotional and exhausting experience. Then, barely a week after we had closed, we were given the opportunity to open up as a kind of convalescent home to take low-risk-patients from Dorset’s hospitals, supporting the effort against Corona Virus.

Ten days later, we were open again, with seven members of staff back at work. The hotel looked very different; some rooms had hospital beds, we had a function room full of PPE, hoists and other equipment, but by far the biggest change was the six lovely live-in carers that had joined us. We were even interviewed live on national television about it! It was fantastic to be back at work, helping out.

And what do you do when you have a group of people stuck in a hotel during lockdown? You sing to them. Our very own JP on a beautiful summer’s day, serenading the carers, guests and staff. How lucky were we?

Stir crazy…

With Covid cases in Dorset so low, the project ended and the hotel closed down once again. All of the hotel staff who are normally such an active bunch of people were back at home and starting to become a little stir crazy, this was the result:

We can open!

Then, the news we were waiting for, the government said that hospitality could reopen on the 4th July. This was our reaction to the news…

Open once more

And there we were once again open as a hotel. But with masks and screens and social distancing and Eat out to Help out. Things weren’t quite as they were before, but we did everything we could to make the hotel feel as normal as possible, and our guests loved it:

“A perfect place to recharge your batteries”
“Wonderful short break”

“Outstanding Visit”
“Another day in paradise!”

“Beautiful country hotel near lovely Sherborne”

“Beautiful hotel and surroundings, Ace restaurant,

and seriously wonderful, helpful and caring managers and staff”

“What a cracking hotel”

Comments taken from TripAdvisor, Jul-Oct 2020

But the joy was short lived, we were open for just four short months, before we were forced to close again, cancel 1,200 people’s Christmas Parties and cancel Christmas itself. And we although we didn’t know it at the time, it would be for six months. But we weren’t going to be idle:

And the result…

Six bedrooms, the bar, reception, staircases and corridors, all refurbished.

Summer 2021

So here we are again, very busy, very thankful, and very glad to be open. If you would like to keep in touch, (there may be another video or two later in the year), please do leave us your email address below.

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